Monday, June 4, 2012

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2013

The three hottest mobile marketing trends to follow for 2013 are Engagement-Focused Content, MMS, Location-Based Services.

Engagement-Focused Content
The longer customers are engaged with a brand, the "stickier" the brand is in their mind. We all know that people love to play games on their phones, especially short games that are not too difficult with a reward at the end. In 2012-2013, we'll see an explosion of engagement-focused content. Retailers will deliver simple brand-focused games to their customers. The customers will play those games and receive a reward at the end -- perhaps an especially good coupon.

MMS (Multi-media messaging service) is the cell phone service that, among other things, lets you send pictures directly to other mobile phones. In 2012-2013, retailers will start using this service to send QR code based coupons, and to enable customers to send pictures of themselves using brands to participate in brand-based games.

Location-Based Services
Location-Based Services, the ability target highly relevant ads to customers who are physically close to the retailer, has yet to deliver on its full potential. In 2012-2013, we expect LBS to reach its full potential.

All of these trends require on-phone support. At sigseg, this is our specialty. We can help you understand the emerging mobile marketplace, and build the software to take full advantage of that market.

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  1. For mobile marketing it is very beneficial to follow these strategies and MMS and location based target generate great customers.